The Baby Show for Breastfeeding Support

A father of four, Mr Collins Emeka Obiji eager to share his success story on exclusive breast feeding said, “My wife Princess Bright Nma goes exclusive immediately she gives birth. My four children were exclusively breast fed and its benefit is seen in their health, intellectually and otherwise. My first son King David Emeka was promoted from first nursery to primary 1 and the same goes for his second son, Daniel Emeka who was promoted from first nursery to primary 1 and from primary 4 to primary 6 and will be going to college in September. He added “not only are my children smart and brilliant; they hardly have health challenges and the expenditure at home as regards baby food is reduced”. He concluded by saying that “Breast feeding should not be compromised; it should be done with utmost commitment”.

Exclusive breast feeding of new born babies for at least six months cannot be overemphasised because its result is visible in the lives of baby and mother. To mark this year’s breast feeding week, a baby show was organised by the Federal Ministry of Health, Society for Family Health (SFH) and Nyanya General Hospital in Abuja, Nigeria. The celebration saw an impressive turn out of medical practitioners, mothers, babies and exclusive breastfeeding supporters who were present to observe the day as well as share their success stories on the benefits of exclusive breast feeding.



At the baby show in Nyanya, winning mothers were awarded based on two sets of criteria: the weight and appearance of the baby produced ten shortlisted mothers and babies who were screened on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) and the final three moms were chosen and awarded. Everyone who had practiced or was practicing exclusive breast feeding was declared a winner. The celebration ended with re-emphasising the importance of exclusive breast feeding for at least six months.

The winning mothers, who received various useful gifts for their babies, also shared notable words of wisdom based on their experiences. Mrs Stella Eze who won the first prize for her very healthy and chubby exclusively breast fed three month old said “breast feeding helps babies not to be sick and they have sharp brain”. Helen Otobo, winner of the second prize winner said “breast feeding makes [the] baby strong” and Theresa Chima, the third prize winner elatedly underscored that “exclusive breast feeding is good”.

This year’s World Breastfeeding Week theme “Close to Mothers” focused on the community’s role in ensuring that mothers exclusively breast feed new born babies for at least up to six months. Society for Family Health Nigeria continues to prioritise maternal, newborn and child health as well as serve as community advocates for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. We encourage hospitals, clinics, churches, and community members to support mothers to exclusively breastfeed newborns.

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