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Focus Areas

SFH focuses on 6 key areas, each area has been carefully identified and selected as an area that greatly affects and can make a difference in the health of vulnerable families across the globe.

Key Achievements (2020)

DAYLs Averted
Deaths Averted
Unwanted pregnancies Averted
HIV Infection Averted


Flex Premium
Flex Premium Condoms, presented in original form plus 5 additional variants: Stamina, Spice, Pleasure Unlimited, Brown Sugar, and Treasure Island. If used correctly every time you are about to have sex they are highly effective at preventing pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs ) Gonorrhea and Syphilis.
Gold Cirlce (GC) Classic
Gold Circle (GC) Condom is SFH Nigeria’s pinnacle product; marketed since 1986 for dual protection to encourage family planning and prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection in Nigeria. The pack with NAFDAC REG. NO 03-0003 contains four solid latex condoms sold at a subsidised price; “Strong for maximum protection, sensitive for maximum pleasure”.
Topmal Tablets (Anti-malaria drug)
Topmal Tablets antimalarial drug is used for the treatment of acute, uncomplicated malaria infections due to Plasmodium falciparum in patients of 5 kg bodyweight and above. The different variants are TopMal 20/120mg and TopMal Double strength 80/480mg Tablets.
Lubrica Lube
Lubrica is an effective water based condom lubricant. Lubrica eliminates unpleasant friction and eases vaginal dryness that might lead to discomfort or pain whilst creating a sensual experience. Its major component is glycerine, which makes Lubrica, slippery, gentle, and easy to clean up. It available in a 59ml bottle which holds about 20 applications.
Water Guard Plus®
WaterGuard Plus® is a Safe Water System technology in a unique powder formulation which in just half an hour, a capful turns 25 litres of water into clean, safe and drinking water. WaterGuard Plus is available in a 180gram bottle that contains a powder mixture that destroys harmful bacteria, protozoa, and other germs that cause water-borne illness.

News and Articles

ACCA Certification Announcement

Society for Family Health has been certified as an “Approved Employer” by ACCA; one of the leading international professional accountancy bodies. This historic partnership will enable SFH to attract and

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Partners, Donors And Investors

SFH as a global organisation works with and is being funded by a variety of bilateral and multilateral agencies

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