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On the job Training on the use of VHWs (Village health workers) Flip chart in Gombe state

The VHW (Village health workers) flip chart training was done in Akko LGA, Gombe state. The Kumo centre ward is one of the five intervention wards in the LGA. It has thirty four (34) active VHWs with three (active)
supervising CHEWs.

The flip chart that was given during the training carried information on child components and other pregnancy induced conditions for example, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Malaria, Cholera, Meningitis etc. The VHWs (Village health workers) had a review from the initial training before the new Flip charts were available. The review of the Flip Chart made it easier for them (VHWs) to remember what was previously thought.

These VHWs (Village health workers) sensitise members of the community and often times go door to door to health educate pregnant women and nursing mothers on the importance of health facility visit during ANC
(antenatal care ), Delivery and PNC (postnatal care).
The door to door method was used, in order to make assimilation easier for women in the LGA.

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