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Law Enforcement Officers Poised To Protect Right Of Key Population

Society for Family Health is a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund HIV NFM grant extension implementing four prevention modules for MSM, FSW (collectively called key population with PWID), General Population and AYP. Over the years, engagement with the Law Enforcement Agents have shown that there is gap in knowledge about sexual diversity of KPs and how it relates to the spread of HIV. There is also a need to improve the way cases of abuse on KP’s are documented and handled by LEA.

The GFHIV Directorate organised  a sexual diversity training aimed at equipping Law enforcement officers on knowledge, skills and expertise to provide a stigma-free and safe environment for the KPs to access healthcare services. This training also assisted LEA to overcome personal barriers that may affect their ability in providing a safe environment for KPs to access health services.


For full detail Click here to Download the Communique Sexuality training document

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