Consumer’s Market for Family Planning (CM4FP)

The Consumer’s Market for Family Planning (CM4FP) project is a Bill and Melinda Gates-funded project which is a pilot study that aims to address national FP data gaps by producing high-quality contraceptive market data that is matched to consumer data to provide a robust picture of the “complete market” for family planning in Nigeria.

The project aims to provide family planning decision-makers, including government ministries, health care providers, and retail outlets, the information needed for evidence-based decisions on resource allocation and intervention strategies that will effectively meet the needs of family planning consumers.

The study is implemented in four select states in Nigeria including Abia, Kaduna, Lagos and Niger state. It entails a longitudinal survey of all outlets offering FP commodities in the select enumeration areas and a repeated cross-sectional survey of women of reproductive age living in the same localized areas as the surveyed outlets.

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