SFH is incorporated and housed in a rented office in Lagos with two employees.
SFH introduces her first product to the Nigerian market.
SFH receives her first HIV grant from DKT International.
SFH expands her portfolio with a USAID grant worth about 2 million dollars.
SFH expands to the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.
SFH becomes the first Nigerian NGO qualified to receive funding directly from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). A Nigerian is also appointed to the top position for the first time.
SFH acquires her headquarters building in Abuja.
SFH receives her largest grant yet from DFID to implement the ENR project. This grant was worth over 10 million GBP.
SFH builds her 8,832m2 warehouse.
SFH becomes ISO (9001:2005) certified and continues to deliver public health good to Nigerians and Africans at large.

SFHIG is part of SFH International, an emerging Pan African Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). SFH works in solidarity with communities, government, donors and the private sector for social Justice and Universal Health Coverage of all Africans, using health system strengthening and market development approaches.

SFHIG strives to improve health outcomes for all Ghanaians by ensuring access to affordable, quality health services and commodities by:

  1. Supporting the development of stronger health and community systems
  2. Facilitating and ensuring health services and commodities are available for all
  3. Using innovation, strategic partnerships, and linked policy engagement to drive for universal health access.

To empower Ghanaians particularly the poor and vulnerable to lead healthier lives.

To become the most trusted and value-creating health Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in our chosen segment by 2030. Using our core programme approaches in Social Marketing, Behaviour Change Communication, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, SFHIG will be implementing programmes across Ghana that will focus on the following areas:

  • COVID-19 Prevention
  • Clean and Safe Water Systems
  • Cancer and Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Family Planning and Reproductive Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment
  • Malaria prevention and Treatment
  • Health and Social System Strengthening


Core Values


As employees of a non-profit organisation, we acknowledge an obligation to set and demand the highest standards of accountability in the use of resources entrusted to us by our donors and communities we serve.


We aspire and strive to be a learning organisation, basing our strategies on evidence and objective evaluation for continuous improvement. SFH provides hard working and talented individuals with opportunities to grow and give of their best.


We embrace opportunities for furthering our mission through partnerships with other organisations. We encourage teamwork, communication and participation to maximise the collective efforts of all staff.


We recognise and strive to respect the diversity inherent in individuals, organisations and our nation. This principle guides our relationships with clients, colleagues, the people we serve and others.

Service to Humanity

As a non-profit organisation, we are committed to selfless service to humanity, especially the poor and vulnerable throughout Nigeria.


We are committed to demonstrating honesty and transparency at all times in our dealings with people and organisations in and out of our own establishment.


We value creativity and innovation, seeking to transform challenges into opportunities to achieve our vision.

Foundation Members

Society for Family Health was founded by three eminent Nigerians; Late Professor Olikoye Ransome-Kuti, Late Mallam Dahiru Wali and Hon. Justice Ifeyinwa Nzeako. The Founder of the DKT International, Phil Harvey was also one of the notable foundation members. SFH Nigeria is currently governed by highly reputable members of the Board of Trustees led by Professor Ekanem Ikpi Braide. Dr Omokhudu Idogho serves as SFH Nigeria’s Managing Director and he is supported by Executive and Senior Management staff, comprising of seasoned leaders in their fields with a passion for improved health care.
Justice Ifeyinwa Nzeako (Late)
Prof. Olikoye Ransome-Kuti (Late)
Mallam Dahiru Wali
Mr. Phil Harvey

Partners and Donors