Aigbe Onobun

Aigbe Onobun is a Director at the Society for Family Health Inc, Liberia. He is an Attorney and heads the
Legal, Contracts, and Compliance department of the Society for Family Health, working from the
international office in Abuja, Nigeria. He has extensive legal, corporate, commercial, and governance
experience, spanning over 18 years. Prior to joining SFH, Aigbe worked as a prosecutor for a State
Government, as a senior associate/head of the Abuja, Nigeria office in a corporate/commercial law firm
with international affiliation, Credit/Relationship Manager at a National bank.
Aigbe has worked on a significant number of complex landmark cases with serious, jurisprudential
consequences while in private practice. He has extensive experience working with various regulatory
agencies, including Ministries, on behalf of his clients. Aigbe has in-depth knowledge of the not-for-
profit start-up, workings, grant management, and compliance. 
He has reviewed and drafted a significant number of grant agreements from various bilateral, and
multilateral foundations and other kinds of donors. He has extensive experience advising on matters
involving intellectual property registration and protection and drafting service and supply agreements
across the various SFH country platforms. He also leads in driving SFH compliance efforts across multiple
donors and countries. He advises various SFH Boards on corporate governance and compliance issues.
An avid reader, Aigbe advises clients pro bono in his spare time.

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