SFH donates IEC materials to support universal LLIN campaign in Ondo State

Society for Family Health, Nigeria Donates IEC Materials to Support Universal Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) Campaign in Ondo State, partners with government on Net Distribution campaign.

The Society for Family Health’s Akure Satellite office supported the ongoing universal LLIN campaign in Ondo state with a donation of 140,500 pieces of IEC materials (in the local Yoruba language) to the state govenment. This is with the view of rolling malaria out of the state and part of Society for Family Health’s committment to partnering with the state ministry of health in the fight against malaria.

The donation was received by the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dayo Adeyanju on the 28th of February,2012 at the State Ministry of Health in Akure. Other staffs of the ministry were also present at the presentation. The materials consisted of leaflets, umbrellas, bags and other information, education and communication materials. The Honourable Commissioner of Health that the Society for the kind gesture, and promised that the materials will be used to improve knowledge about LLINs and use.

Net distribution campaigns are currently being conducted in many states in Nigeria to increase ownership and use of LLINs, a key tool in the prevention of malaria. The south west zone of Nigeria is one of the zones of the country with the lowest level of ownership and use of nets in Nigeria. Ondo state is in the South west zone. Malaria is a major contributor to under 5 and maternal mortality in Nigeria.

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